Why should I see a Nutritionist?

A nutritionist considers your lifestyle, nutritional needs, food habits, likes and dislikes, and helps to organise your diet to not only meet nutrient needs but gain optimal wellness physically and mentally.

Our nutrition clinicians see the value in real foods and understand that a ‘food’ in its complex whole state, complete with co-factors, fibre, and enzymes that help to absorb and assimilate the nutrients, is the most health-protective and value-laden way to meet nutritional needs. The South Coast Sports Medicine Nutrition Team can help you:

  • Learn how to eat foods that reduce your risk factors for certain illnesses and diseases
  • Increase your energy levels by eating nutrient-enriched foods and exercising more
  • Determine what to eat on the go
  • Eat properly when you are expecting a baby (or expecting to expect)
  • How to feed your children and fussy eaters
  • Attain nutrition goals while eating vegetarian or vegan
  • Eat to maintain top athletic performance
  • Determine whether you need vitamins and/or minerals, which you need, and how much you should take
  • Eat properly after experiencing surgery
  • Learn how to read nutrition labels
  • Help stabilize eating disorders

In a consultation with our nutritionist, you can expect to explore all areas of your diet, lifestyle and come away with practical ideas and guidelines that will be personalised to your individual goals and circumstances. 

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