Naturopathy is the combination of nutrition and herbal medicine, a completely holistic approach to health. 

Taking the time to listen carefully to your concerns means our naturopath is able to consider all aspects of your health, noting the subtle little signs the body shows when it requires more support.  

While herbs and food have been traditional as medicine for thousands of years across all cultures and now as more and more research projects are involving herbal medicine and nutrition as interventions, we can become increasingly confident in their efficacy and safety as they satisfy the evidenced-based model of medicine and healthcare. 

Naturopathy is not a therapy that provides a ‘pill for an ill’, rather, the therapist guides the client to health by coaching them to make better choices regarding food, lifestyle and sleep habits. By focusing on a person’s individual goals, knowledge and abilities, truly personalised and practical advice can be given, not only on what to do but how to do it. 

Preventative care is where naturopathy shines by considering in your genetic health and past medical history to initiate and motivate change once again in food and lifestyle habits.

In a naturopathic consultation, you can expect to explore all facets of your health, learn what your symptoms might mean and develop a plan on how to move towards optimal wellbeing. 

The clinicians at South Coast Sports Medicine are competent in analysing several functional pathology tests including:

  • Bioscreen cultured microbiome testing
  • Metabiome DNA-based microbiome testing
  • DUTCH hormone analysis
  • Nutrigenomic (DNA) testing

These tests are utilised when more information is needed to give a more detailed picture than mainstream pathology testing can offer. 

While some consider naturopathy to be an alternative form of medicine, our view at South Coast Sports Medicine is that herbal medicine and nutrition are integral tools that should be utilised together with conventional medicine.

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