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ECAL Metabolic Testing

ECAL Indirect Calorimetry is an evidence-based tool to manage weight and energy-related disorders including fatigue, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. The patient lies passively and breathes into a light mouthpiece for 10 minutes and the results are used to guide exercise and nutritional advice.

ECAL primarily measures:

  1. Resting Energy Production – how many calories are actually being used during rest.
  2. Respiratory Quotient – how much fat and carbohydrate are being used as fuel for energy production at rest. A person who is not burning fat efficiently will find it very hard to lose weight.
  3. Metabolic efficiency – how efficiently the mitochondria are producing energy.

Our nutrition team uses this information to provide clear guidelines about how to eat and  exercise to optimise metabolism. Calorimetry can also be used to monitor athletic performance and guide athletes’ diets. It is now accessible to anyone.

Do you eat well but struggle to lose weight despite exercising?

There’s more to it!

This information can provide clear guidelines about how to eat and exercise to optimise your metabolism. Your resulting programme will be aimed at correcting disordered energy production.

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