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Corporate Health

The multidisciplinary team at South Coast Sports Medicine offers Corporate Health Screening that is specific to your company’s needs. Our Sports Doctors, Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists have extensive training in a range of areas including health screens, pre employment medicals, ergonomic assessment and injury management.

What can South Coast Sports Medicine offer your business?

  • Exercise, lifestyle and nutrition education sessions with sports/nutritional doctor, exercise physiologist and nutritionist
  • Development of specific exercise programmes for your workplace
  • Exercise sessions led by exercise physiologist or personal trainer
  • Health screens including skin checks, cardiovascular risk, diabetes risk, musculoskeletal and fitness assessments
  • Pre-employment and periodic employment medicals, including Cat 1, 2, 3 rail medicals
  • Ergonomic assessments for workplace as well as individual workstations
  • Recommending appropriate workplace, task or equipment modifications
  • Advice/assistance in preparing appropriate risk management and occupational health and safety policies and procedures, including advice about ensuring compliance with relevant legislation
  • Advice/assistance in preparing appropriate incident reporting, injury management, risk management systems and return to work programmes
  • Acute injury management – Doctors’ appointments on day of injury or the next day as required, to assess the injury and begin the return to work process
  • In-house management of all injuries including fracture management, suturing
  • In-house physiotherapy and exercise physiology services for acute injury management and rehabilitation programmes
  • Proactive management of injuries under workers compensation from a team of health professionals with specific occupational medicine qualifications

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