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Rehabilitation & Conditioning

Our scope of practice allows your injury pathway to be managed from day 1 up until you return back to “the field”. However, whilst providing a diagnosis and early treatment allows an injury to heal, most often ‘Rehab’ is what gets you back to doing what you love, helps prevent re-injury and progresses you back to sport/work.

Depending on your needs our Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists will most often be involved in the rehab process. This ensures your rehab program is ‘evidence-based’, or, high-quality advice back by the most up to date research.

Along with targeting specific tissue healing, rehab will often target factors such as: Strength, power, endurance, mobility, balance, flexibility, control, technique and movement efficiency. Where relevant, other factors such as weight loss, injury prevention, running economy etc. may also be a key focus.

Our well-equipped clinical exercise studio has been designed with athletes in mind, where rehab is aimed at not just returning our patients back to the field but to their highest level of performance. Strength progressions and performance outcomes can often be limited in rehab settings that don’t cater for the sporting population and we are happy to offer the scope to manage any worker, family member, weekend warrior or high performing athlete.

Following the recovery of an injury, or even in the absence of any problems, we also offer strength and conditioning sessions, program prescription and exercise guidance to reach your goals.

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