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Ultrasound Guided Injections

South Coast Sports Medicine offers steroid injections for appropriate indications.

There is evidence that steroid injections can be beneficial for inflammatory conditions such as bursitis and arthritis.

Typically, arthritic joints get benefit from steroid injections, though the best evidence for Arthritis is to exercise the joint as part of a supervised multi-disciplinary program.

Tendinopathy is an inflammatory process that has failed to heal. It is responsible for a great many painful conditions around joints. Steroid injections have been found to improve tendinopathy in conjunction with specific loaded exercises.

South Coast Sports Medicine has two Sports Doctors who are proficient in injecting joints and tendons. The process at South Coast does not require a referral but does require one of the doctors to be confident that a steroid Injection is indicated. Ultrasound-guided steroid injections can be done on the same day without the need to come back for a second procedure.

There is just a single fee for the one combined consult & procedure which generally runs at a cost to patients of $100 after the Medicare Rebate.

Rest for 2 days after a steroid Injection is generally indicated.

The doctor will advise of the next steps which is typically prescribed exercises to help improve mobility and strength.

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