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Our team at South Coast Sports Medicine is trained in musculoskeletal screening, posture assessment, biomechanics and pre-exercise screening. In addition we can conduct bench marking tests for those interested in improving their athletic performance.

We provide expert assessment, efficient referral for tests, accurate diagnosis and an evidence-based multidisciplinary treatment plan. Our Sports Doctors, Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists will work closely to examine the way your upper and lower limbs work, checking for abnormalities and possible causes of pain.

Why would I need an assessment?

  • Very few people are symmetrical, affecting the way they stand and move
  • Advice on exercise to improve strength and flexibility
  • To address pain associated with occupational or sporting activity that is repetitive and constant?
  • Do you have new or longstanding pain in the back, hip, legs, knee or feet?
  • Does a particular sporting or occupational activity contribute to joint/muscle overload?
  • Want to return to exercise but afraid of re-injuring yourself?

If you have an existing injury or condition we recommend you seeing a Sports Doctor first for a clear diagnosis, and they will work alongside the other members of the team (physiotherapist, exercise physiologists) to develop a individual treatment plan for you.

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