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Supervised Exercise Sessions & Type 2 Diabetes Classes

One of our main goals at South Coast Sports Medicine is to give clients the skills to become independent in using exercise to manage their conditions. To this end, we encourage home exercise programs or self-monitored exercise programmes because, after all, a consistent exercise habit is the key to success.

Once a person is given a series of individualised exercises to perform it is critical that they are done correctly. The supervised exercise sessions are limited to no more than 6 people at any one time, all following their own program – but under the direct supervision of an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. They will provide feedback on your technique and suitable progression, regression or alternative exercises suitable for you.

When the clients are happy that they are able to proceed on their own, we are more than willing for you to attend a gym of your choice, or to consider to continue to attend at South Coast Sports Medicine. The only qualifier we have is that we have to ensure treating clinicians have access to the exercise studio so all Supervised Exercise Sessions and other sessions, be they multi-visit passes or 3-month memberships, must be pre-booked with the reception team.

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South Coast Sports Medicine can assist in implementing exercise is an integral part of your overall self-managed health plan.

Type 2 Diabetes Group Exercise Sessions:

If you have Type 2 Diabetes you are eligible for Medicare rebates for attending group exercise sessions specific for the management of diabetes. A GP referral for an initial assessment by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist is mandatory, then if you are suitable for inclusion in the group sessions then up to 8 group exercise sessions in a calendar year are available – and Medicare rebates apply.

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