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The multidisciplinary team at South Coast Sports Medicine can assist with all aspects of nutritional treatment, including food intolerances, irritable bowel syndrome, eating plans, sports nutrition and guidance to a healthier lifestyle. Our aim to is to identify nutritional, dietary and lifestyle factors that can be contributing to your symptoms or health condition.

Implementing nutritional changes can be difficult for an individual , but our university qualified practitioners can help with this process, giving advice based on scientific evidence to recommend an individualized treatment plan. The professionals at South Coast Sports Medicine will work in conjunction with your medical doctor or allied health practitioner to provide solutions, helping to achieve optimal health.

Why should I see a Nutritionist?

  • A nutritionist looks at your lifestyle, nutritional needs, food habits, likes and dislikes, and helps organise your diet to meet nutrient needs and gain optimal wellness physically and mentally.
  • A nutritionist sees the value in real foods and believes that a ‘food’ in its complex whole state, complete with co-factors, fiber, and enzymes that help to absorb and assimilate the nutrients, is the most health protective and value laden way to meet nutritional needs.
  • Learn how to eat foods that reduce your risk factors for certain illnesses and diseases
  • Increase your energy levels by eating nutrient-enriched foods and exercising more
  • Determine what to eat on the go
  • Eat properly when you are expecting a baby (or expecting to expect)
  • How to feed your children and fussy eaters
  • Attain nutrition goals while eating vegetarian or vegan
  • Eat to maintain top athletic performance
  • Determine whether you need vitamins and/or minerals, which you need, and how much you should take
  • Eat properly after experiencing surgery
  • Learn how to read nutrition labels
  • Help stabilize eating disorders

Nutritional Medicine

South Coast Sports Medicine also practices in Nutritional Medicine, which aims to treat underlying causes as well as providing symptomatic relief. More can be read about Nutritional Medicine here: Nutritional Medicine

No referral is required to see Dr Jen Graham-Taylor (Nutritional Medicine) or Sheradyn Dekker (Nutritionist). Please bring along a completed Nutritional Medicine Form (for Dr Graham-Taylor) and all available blood tests or xray results before your first appointment.

Dr Jen Graham-Taylor

Nutritional Medicine, Sports Doctor


Dr Jen Graham‐Taylor graduated from the University of WA in 2000. She has a Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of General Practitioners, a Master’s Degree in Sports Medicine, extensive training in Nutritional Medicine, a Fellowship of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine, and by the end of 2017 will have completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Occupational Medicine.

Jen’s aim is to improve your general health and wellness by managing the underlying causes of a wide range of medical conditions, and the combination of training in nutrition, exercise and occupational medicine gives her a unique ability to do so.

At South Coast Sports Medicine Jen is fortunate to be part of a multidisciplinary team of experienced health professionals, who work closely together to improve your health.

You will be suited to this approach if you are interested in discovering the underlying cause of your problems, rather than just treating symptoms, and if you are motivated to make positive dietary and lifestyle changes. Please be aware that some of Jen’s practice does fall outside the boundaries of mainstream medical practice. It is, however, all based on scientific evidence and she will make every effort to keep you fully informed and explain your treatment options.

Health Fund Rebates

Medicare rebates are available for Nutritional Medicine appointments. Depending on what level of cover you have, you may receive a rebate from your health fund for nutrition appoints. We are able to help you access your rebate automatically through our electronic rebate facilities, which connect directly to your health fund, when you settle the account.

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